Almost half of mobile users use Internet more than apps

According to the survey of 7,000 men and women, 61% of whom use smartphones, it was found that almost half (48%) use the Internet more often than apps on their mobiles.

According to the CEO of Impact Mobile, Gary Schwartz, the mobile browser is the ultimate app. “It happened on the desktop from widgets to browser. Now we are seeing this in an accelerated fashion with mobile thanks to HTML5,” he said.

As if app development wasn’t challenging enough, marketers also face the task of getting their app in front of consumers. Even then, while there are over 300,000 apps available, only a handful make it on to smartphones — and few continue to be used.

While 30 apps were reported as the norm, most mobile users (85% men and 75% women) actually used only about 10 apps on a regular basis.

Which begs the question — should companies invest in developing and promoting apps or concentrate on their mobile Internet presence?

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