Delivering Superior Customer Service: Keeping Prepaid Consumers Happy

Delighting the Customer Via Mobile Media

Customer relationships are best managed via the mobile phone, according to Gary Schwartz, president, Impact Mobile. “The mobile phone can be a visual display for your plastic card,” said Schwartz. “The plastic card is becoming interactive by being tethered to a mobile phone number.”

According to Schwartz, prepaid folks should be using SMS texting to provide balances, send offers to retail stores, fulfill top-up, and really almost anything. “A consumer’s one-to-one relationship with service providers and retailers creates a much heightened experience,” said Schwartz. ”Mobile is the simplest channel for the greatest reach to the shopper.”

Schwartz thinks that apps are too complicated and that customers prefer utilities that use no more than one click. “Engage the shopper at the prepaid mall and get him to register his mobile phone number,” said Schwartz. “Now you have access to the consumer and can both delight and upsell.”

Whatever distribution channel is utilized, the more streamlined the delivery process, the better the customer experience. Best practices in customer service feature a robust system that includes low-cost, self-service options accessed by the Internet or mobile phone, and processes that are very responsive to customer inquiries and complaints.

That’s how you keep prepaid customers happy.