Impact Mobile Launches Next Generation 3-1-1 Services

Toronto, Ontario, December 16, 2014 – Impact Mobile Inc., is pleased to announce that it has successfully provisioned and launched Canada’s first Next Generation 3-1-1 (NG3-1-1) Service with the City of Windsor, Ontario.

Impact Mobile has worked with its national and regional wireless carrier partners and the City of Windsor to implement a two-way mobile messaging service integrated to the city’s existing 3-1-1 voice services. For any participating city across Canada, NG3-1-1 would allow residents to have two-way texting communication for a full range of service and informational options across any carrier network nationally.

“We are committed to servicing our community in the most effective manner possible,” says Alena Sleziak, The City of Windsor, Call Centre Manager. “Next Generation 3-1-1 improves accessibility to non-emergency city services and information and increases the city’s effectiveness in responding to public inquiries.”

“NG3-1-1 services allow cities to optimize their call-center traffic and be more mobile friendly,” says Gary Schwartz, CEO of Impact Mobile. “NG3-1-1 also enables hard-of-hearing and the speech-impaired community to gain access to this essential service over their mobile device.”