Customer Journeys / Integrations

Customer Journeys

Many of our customers are looking for customized experiences and workflows for their customers via SMS.  The JumpTXT® Media platform has been designed from the ground up for flexibility. Every piece of functionality has been implemented in a modular fashion, and can be combined to create almost any workflow.

Linking Campaigns, Extending the Journey

  • Unlock the power of JumpTXT® Media by linking campaigns and extending the journey.  For example:
    • Do a Text-2-Win program that then encourages opt-in to future communication.
    • Drive traffic to the store by providing an in-store offer with custom PIN code to all new subscribers.
    • Inform opted-in subscribers about upcoming product.

Text-to-Buy, Text-to-Refill

  • Allow existing customers (with payment information already on file) to order products simply by texting in a keyword.
  • Allow existing customers to refill a standing order by keyword.
  • Open up e-commerce platforms so that JumpTXT® Media can automatically query product availability and customer status before finalizing the sale.


  • Add a unique PIN to every product via packaging, or handout.
  • Customer texts in PIN, answers qualifying questions, receives a reward – – e.g. entry into a contest, special offer, etc.

Linking Broadcast to Interaction

  • Send a broadcast to your subscription list.
  • Ask subscribers to reply OFFER to receive a special offer.
  • Restrict the offer to only the mobile #’s who were sent the broadcast (eliminate fraud)
  • Restrict the offer to a particular time period.

Optimize an Existing Process

  • Link to existing back-end systems that run the business, for example:
    • A wireless carrier may choose to offer a data top-up, or a roaming package.
    • When customers accept the offer via SMS, JumpTXT® Media can connect to the carrier’s billing system, and add the SOC on behalf of the customer.
    • This can drive significant revenue with minimal investment.

Pre-Chat Qualification

  • Automate answers to simple questions.  Transfer the customer to the Chat platform for more complex questions.  For example:
    • A municipality has residents text RECYCLE for info on recycling.
    • The response could be “…Text 1 for schedule, Text 2 for hazardous, Text 3 for what goes in, Text 4 for all other questions…”
    • Texting 1, 2, or 3 can be automated, potentially answering the most common questions cheaply and efficiently.
    • Texting 4 would automatically ask what the issue is, then initiate a Chat session with an agent and forward the response.

Omni-Channel Integration