Mobile CRM & Integration

We offer clients comprehensive management of their mobile customer database with sophisticated customer segmentation, advanced subscription management tools, and seamless integration to their backend systems.  This allows clients to boost customer satisfaction and increase conversion rates.

Customer Segmentation

Presenting customers with relevant content has been shown to increase retention and encourage further engagement.  Clients can leverage Impact Mobile’s advanced segmentation techniques to communicate with their customers in a relevant, focused manner.

We can target and segment your customer database using geo-location, attribution parameters, or client-defined tags.

Personalized Content

Customers desire relevant personal content and Impact Mobile delivers just that, allowing you to engage with your customers on a personal level.  We offer messaging personalized to each individual customer using metadata imported directly from a client’s CRM systems into our mobile messaging platform.  Examples of customer metadata are first name, last name, customer’s unique identifier, or account balance, just to name a few.

Subscription Management

An integral component of Impact Mobile’s messaging platform is Subscription Management.  It offers an intuitive mechanism for managing the customer database in real-time, using either the self-serve platform or dynamically through an API.

CRM Integration

Impact Mobile offers seamless integration to clients’ CRM systems through a multitude of capabilities:

We publish a set of advanced APIs to link our messaging solutions to clients’ back-end systems, automating capabilities such as managing customer subscriptions and sending broadcasts.  For example, our Subscription Management API allows clients to manage a customer’s opt-in, opt-out, subscription renewal, and pausing and resumption of a subscription.  This API can be leveraged to integrate customer opt-ins from a client’s website or Facebook page directly to our messaging platform.

Moreover, we offer automated synchronization of datasets through periodic import and/or export of files.  The following are illustrative use cases utilized by our clients and partners for continuous updates and management of CRM datasets:

  • Export of message content or logs, to maintain customer records within clients’ CRM systems
  • Import of customer metadata to incorporate into Impact Mobile’s advanced reporting and analytics
  • Import of customer metadata to generate personalized content for delivery to customers

Contact us to see how Impact Mobile’s mobile CRM solution can enhance your existing customer management efforts.