Mobile Messaging

The rapid growth and ubiq­uity of mobile presents new oppor­tu­ni­ties for mar­ket­ing and advertising. Impact Mobile’s exten­sive track record, pow­er­ful solutions, and core mobile aggregation capabilities, enable our clients to design and deliver end-to-end mobile mar­ket­ing campaigns.

Impact Mobile’s Jump­TXT® plat­form is the foun­da­tion to cre­ate and man­age mobile marketing campaigns. As a flex­i­ble, scal­able and robust tech­nol­ogy plat­form it can interact and engage with con­sumers across a wide range of media, from online and social, to print.  JumpTXT® Media Platform provides complete business intelligence and analytics, enabling clients to measure each campaign’s ROI and analyze the effectiveness of their marketing initiatives. Its analytics offers interactive, illustrative reports identifying key trends; this allows our clients to manage campaigns efficiently, and in the long run, perfect their mobile strategies.

Impact Mobile offers a multitude of mobile cam­paign types: Votes, quizzes, sur­veys, subscriptions, broadcasts, prod­uct pro­mo­tions, con­tests and many more.  Our JumpTXT® platform is available on an Application Service Provider basis, or Impact Mobile can provide fully managed services. We are also avail­able to assist in cus­tom solu­tions to meet your spe­cific busi­ness needs.