Coupons & Ticketing

Impact Mobile provides services that deliver paperless rebates, coupons, flyers, and tokens to a consumer’s mobile device for redemption at point of sale or event venues.  Use Impact Mobile’s JumpTXT® platform to generate unique pins to offer consumers Access® privileges to personalized offers that can be tracked at point of redemption. Our couponing and ticketing solutions are the ideal deliv­ery vehi­cle for any coupon or tick­et­ing service that is cur­rently paper or email-based, which present the following benefits:

  • Design cus­tomized mobile coupons or tickets (e.g. mobile web presentation)
  • Deliver coupons or tickets to mobile devices, ver­ify deliv­ery, and man­age on-site redemption
  • Pro­vide con­ve­nient and ease of use for customers
  • Lever­age user-friendly web-based inter­face to import orders or inte­grate with exist­ing couponing and ticketing solutions
  • Inte­grate with exist­ing pro­vi­sion­ing and redemp­tion ser­vices (via API)
  • Pro­vide value to consumers in the form of a coupon, while at the same time dri­ving them to a point of sale
  • Engage consumers on-site with other mobile ser­vices once the coupon or ticket has been scanned
  • Green environmental solution given its flex­i­ble and paper­less dis­tri­b­u­tion

We are available to assist in cus­tom solu­tions to meet your specific busi­ness needs.