Ad Server

JumpTXT® Ad Server

Customers who have significant SMS traffic on their short code may wish to advertise, or sell advertising.  Ads in this context mean short phrases and/or URL’s that are inserted or appended to messages.

Use Case Examples

Media Companies
Transit Companies
Many Others

Feature List

JumpTXT® Ad Server is a web-based service that seamlessly integrates with JumpTXT® Media, and can be used by any other system via API.  It provides a very high level of flexibility regarding what ads to serve up, when, to whom, how often, etc.

Ad Grouping

Auto-select from groups of ads:

  • Randomly, or
  • Randomly weighted (e.g. Ad1 picked 60% of the time, Ad2 40%), or
  • Sequentially (e.g. finish all Ad1 inventory before starting Ad2), or
  • Individual Journey (e.g. if Ad2 received by specific user last time then serve Ad3)

Powerful Targeting

  • Auto-select ads based on day of the week, time of day, country, state/province, area codes, etc.
  • Leverage JumpTXT® Media to target ads based on a potentially unlimited set of metadata, demographics, and interests.

Sales and Inventory Management

  • Sell and then automatically restrict distribution of ads by # of impressions and/or date range.
  • Limit # of ads delivered to individual mobile #’s per hour, day, week with frequency caps
  • Control the burn rate for specific ad orders – auto-enforce even distribution, or limit by hour, day, week.

Detailed Analysis

  • Detailed reports on ads delivered by the hour, day, week, etc.
  • Reporting grouped by organization(s), groups of ads, or specific ads.
  • Creation of multiple placements in JumpTXT Media for each group of ads, e.g. an auto-response for a chat service, a contest entry confirmation, etc.  Then go granular – break down reporting by where each ad was placed.