Live Events

Impact Mobile offers in-venue solutions for screen inte­gra­tion, which allows a sports, con­cert, or busi­ness event to run inter­ac­tive, real-time chat, polling or other pro­mo­tions to engage the crowd via inter­ac­tive dis­play media (i.e. Jum­botron, rib­bon boards, etc.).  Within min­utes a venue can inter­act with their audi­ence and have the oppor­tu­nity to mon­e­tize this chan­nel via brand spon­sor­ship and pre­mium SMS billing.

Benefits of Impact Mobile’s live events solutions:

  • Inter­ac­tive, real-time chat, polling or photo to screen (commonly known as Txt2Screen and Pic2Screen)
  • Built-in admin­is­tra­tive con­trols to mod­er­ate content
  • Con­trols to man­age look-and-feel, part­ner inter­sti­tials and dynamic adver­tis­ing banners
  • Mul­ti­ple cam­paign func­tion­al­ity that can be deployed in a short-time span to a tar­geted audience
  • Brand­ing and sponsorship-supported functionality

Impact Mobile is avail­able to partner with you on custom solu­tions that meet your spe­cific busi­ness needs.