Marketing & Promotions Text Solutions

Increasing Sales Through Engagement Marketing

Impact Mobile works with brands and agencies to build powerful marketing campaigns and engagement strategies.  The ease of use and ubiquitousness of SMS make it a highly successful sales and marketing channel, with open rates, click-through rates, and acquisition rates that far exceed most other communication channels.

Engagement Strategies


The JumpTXT® Media platform provides a large number of best-of-breed services and interactive programs to choose from including Contests, Votes, Scratch-2-Win, Spin-2-Win, and Quizzes – see Messaging Engagement. These can engage customers in a positive way building brand awareness, and they can drive future engagement, store visits and sales.


The most powerful marketing strategy by far is to invest in building a subscription list of customers who have opted-in to receive information and offers. With visibility and incentives, the list can grow quickly and achieve critical mass. Impact Mobile customers who have followed this strategy are typically sending 1-2 alerts per week. A number of them are able to measure the resulting sales, and report return on investments that are multiple times above industry norms – see Messaging Engagement

Custom Journeys

The JumpTXT® Media platform has a modular design that enables the creation of custom services. These are interactive services that can react based on incoming keywords from customers, and then provide information, collect data, distribute, verify and redeem unique PIN’s, POST information to other applications, etc. Click here for more information.

Omni-Channel Marketing

IMIcampaign provides the ability to create integrated campaigns for multiple channels, including SMS, email, MMS, social media, and mobile internet. Click here for more information.