Mobile Engagement

Impact Mobile’s JumpTXTⓇ Media platform enables a wide variety of mobile services including subscriptions and broadcasts, and a variety of 2-way interactions. Whether it’s engaging and delighting customers, building a long-term relationship, offering incentives and driving to purchase, driving to web, driving to mobile app download, gathering input and feedback, or optimizing a business flow, SMS is the perfect channel and JumpTXTⓇ Media is the solution.

Promotions & Engagement

Engage and delight customers, build brand and product awareness, add a text-based call to action for further communication…

  • Contests – Text-2-Win
  • Votes
  • Scratch-2-Win, Spin-2-Win
  • Quizzes

Relationship Building

Encourage customers to opt-in to communication, send offers, coupons, alerts.  Grow the list and monetize.

  • Subscriptions
    • Carrier-compliant opt-ins and opt-outs
    • Language support
    • Tags for targeting
  • Broadcasts
    • Target based on demographics, interests, state/province, area code, etc.
  • Loyalty Campaigns
    • e.g. Text in PIN-on-package for points
    • e.g. Text POINTS to receive your points total

Path to Purchase

Drive customers to e-commerce site, or bricks and mortar stores.

  • Offers, coupons, vouchers, tickets
  • PIN-on-package programs
  • Text in the PIN from your purchase to be entered to win.
  • Integrate to sell to existing customers, e.g. carriers allowing customers to add SOC’s (services) to their phone plan, standing refill orders triggered by incoming keywords.

Process Flow and Integration

Integrate SMS into back-end solutions

  • Integrate JumpTXT® Media with CRM, Contact Centre, eCommerce, and most other back end systems.  For example:
  • Upload SMS delivery status and responses for every CRM contact.
  • Integrate JumpTXT® Chat into Contact Center solutions.
  • Implement Text-2-Buy, purchase confirmations, shipment alerts by connecting directly to eCommerce backend.
  • Financial and related industries are also using text messaging for a large number of use-cases, for example:
    • Fraud alerts and management
    • Claims management
    • Payment reminders

Feedback & Surveys

Quick and easy for the customer, invaluable feedback for the brand:

  • Simplicity results in high response rates – often much higher than email and web-based surveys
    • Customized Surveys
    • Branched or tree surveys based on unique business logic
  • Pooled questions – e.g. each customer asked 3 questions out of a pool of 8
  • Customize reporting – incorporating imported metadata about participants

Omni-Channel Campaigns