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The JumpTXT® Proximity solution transforms any business establishment into an interactive destination. Proximity turns new or existing WiFi hotspots into “WiFi Beacons” that empower organizations to engage customers on their mobile phones at the critical moment they approach a location, at certain points during their visit, or just after they’ve left.

JumpTXT® Proximity has been created to address the specific needs of malls, retail stores, entertainment venues, quick serve & coffee shops, transportation hubs, and hotels.

Building a Powerful Advertising “Platform”

Businesses like big box stores, or malls with many retail stores sell products from a wide variety of manufacturers. The traffic at these locations is typically is high, the return visits are high, the average dwell time is high, and over time the number of people who will opt-in for deals, offers, and coupons can grow significantly.

Retailers in malls as an example find these advertising opportunities highly attractive because:

  • The customer walking into a mall is in the right location. It radically changes the value proposition from “…Oh, that’s a nice offer – but I’m not sure when I’ll get a chance to visit the store…”, to “…Oh, that’s a nice offer and I’m less than 100m from the store right now!….”
  • The customer is in the right frame of mind, i.e. opted-in, expecting the offer, and in shopping mode / planning to purchase

The corresponding click-through rates and redemption rates are extremely high. With a critical mass of subscribers, the mall can generate advertising revenue by providing retailers in the mall and manufacturers selling product in the stores an ideal advertising platform.

Optimizing and Improving Workflows

Transportation hubs like train stations, bus stations and airports must move a significant number of people through their establishment in the most efficient way possible. And WiFi usage is often quite high. By encouraging customers to opt-in to Proximity messaging, a customized relationship can begin and flourish. At an airport for example, personalized flight announcements, parking assistance, gate announcements, check-in assistance, optimizing the security check-in process, and even a chat concierge service can optimize workflows saving time and money.

Hotels, banks, and other establishments can detect VIP’s entering the establishment and offer an optimized customer experience, like automated check-in, car pickup and enhanced valet services, and restaurant offers.

Engaging and Driving Sales

Quick serve restaurants and coffee shops can opt-in subscribers and then detect as they walk by the establishment, enter the establishment, and stay. At any point Proximity can be configured to engage. Dwell-time offers can be particularly effective – for example, a bar who detects someone has been on-location for 90 minutes may want to provide a free appetizer offer, which leads to longer dwell times and an increased overall basket size.

Easy Integration of Advertising

Possible text for a mobile script could be:

  • A message could be set up to send a message like: “Welcome to Fairway Mall.  ${ad.getAd(‘AdPool1’)}
  • When the message is actually sent to a consumer, the correct ad would be selected and the actual message sent would be something like:  “Welcome to Fairway Mall. 40% off all spring wear at Evelyn’s – this weekend only”

The Power of Advertising

JumpTXT® Proximity is tightly integrated with JumpTXT® AdServer, which enables automated insertion of short text-based ads, selected and targeted based on a wide variety of relevant metadata.

For example, an Ad for a retailer in a chain of 12 malls could be targeted at women, available at only 9 of the 12 malls, available on the weekend only, or during a certain time-of-day, etc.

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